Wetlab Training on Goat's Eye

Step by step wetlab training build & sharpen SICS & Phaco skills on Goat's Eye.


  • Get optimal exposure to handle Operating Microscope, Alcon Infinity & Appasamy Phaco Machines.
  • Learn repeatability of the techniques of performing cataract surgery.
  • Get accustomed with depth perceptio.
  • Get accustomed to handling of instruments with swiftness.


Six days training includes


  • Suture practice under Microscope.
  • Corneal / Limbal incision.
  • Conventional ECCE.
  • Small Incision Cataract Surgry (SICS)
  • Phaco (Nucleus Cracraking Technique with Human ey Nucleus)



Please write to manager@mahatmehospital.com. You need to fill up the proforma so that we can customize the training program for you. Once we receive your proforma we will provide you details about course fees etc.

Fell free to ask any queries.