Our Mission

To provide Eye Care facility equivalent to international standards to the underdeveloped and unprivileged segment of the society; to expand the expertise knowledge through research, training & education by developing eye care professionals for the benefit of the suffering mankind, this will ultimately make life happy and meaningful for the team members.

Providing Medical Facility Equivalent To International standards. With this aim we work to achieve love, peace & happiness with creativity.

  • To provide excellent service & treatment to the Patients suffering from Eye Diseases considering Patient as “supreme”. To offer high quality services, comparable to or better than services rendered by other reputed hospitals in India or Abroad.
  • Minimum 20% patients will be treated totally free of cost including check up, medicines, operation.
  • To achieve patients’ satisfaction through services offered with love, care & affection towards the patients. Providing such service will be a source of happy meaningful life for the members of this Institute as well.
  • To do continuous up gradation & improvement in every aspect of Hospital work.
  • Developing & accepting innovative techniques & newer treatment facilities using science & research.
  • To teach and educate the general public about Eye Health Care, General health care, social education & make them aware about cleanliness & hygiene.
  • To teach and educate the associates to work in Harmony to create environment where good work will be appreciated.
  • To achieve all these without hampering the Chief Aim, “We work to Achieve Love, Peace and Happiness with Creativity”.
  • To achieve all these through legal norms and as far as possible through socially acceptable norms.
  • To earn Livelihood for those who work for above objectives with us. So that the above objectives are achieved continuously.
  • To create an atmosphere that will be a continuous source of happy meaningful life for patients as well as our associates.

Pre-primary school for poor children

Mahatme Sanskar Vihar offers education upto Nursery, KG -1 & KG-2

Institute of Science of Happiness

Revolves around Personality Development & many workshops & courses are conducted for young students, parents as well as doctors.